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Cheese of the Month: Wisconsin Pepato

November 3rd, 2011

by Wisconsin Cheese

Originating in Italy, Pepato means “peppery” as Italians began the tradition of adding peppers to the region’s cheeses. Wisconsin Pepato is developed from hard-style cheeses such as Romano or Asiago and contains less salt than the imported variety, so a richer, complex flavor of the cheese comes through. Likewise, because the cheese moistens and mellows the peppercorns, the peppery flavor is not as intense as some expect.

Use Wisconsin Pepato to add a bite to dishes that call for Italian-style cheeses. Grate over toasted rounds of bread brushed with olive oil, sprinkle over baked potatoes, or serve as an appetizer with antipasto. Like Parmesan, Pepato can be served in chunks as a table cheese and pairs well with a rich cabernet or merlot.

A delicious cheese to cook with, try these Wisconsin Asiago Cheese Puffs with Wisconsin Pepato recipe at your next holiday gathering. Serve alongside a cold glass of seasonal hard apple cider.

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