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American Cheese Society Ticket Giveaway: The Festival of Cheese

July 19th, 2013

by Wisconsin Cheese

festival of cheese ticket giveaway american cheese society wisconsin cheese

Here at Wisconsin Cheese we are eagerly awaiting the 30th Annual American Cheese Society Conference and Competition which is being held in Madison, Wisconsin at the Monona Terrace Convention Center July 31st through August 4th. This international event will focus on exploring and sharing the wide variety of artisan cheeses available, alongside a competition to recognize the top-of-class varieties.

wisconsin cheese american cheese society ticket giveaway festival of cheese

In anticipation of the upcoming event, Wisconsin Cheese is giving away two tickets to attend The Festival of Cheese, held on the evening of August 3rd, where you will have the chance to sample more than 1,700 types of cheeses alongside other artisan purveyors of crackers, charcuterie, preserves, honeys and craft beers.

How to Enter:

In the comments section below or in a tweet to @WisconsinCheese on Twitter, tell us what type of Wisconsin Cheese is ranked #1 in your book.

  • Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 23rd at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • One entry will be chosen at random as the winner
  • Winner will be notified by email
  • One entry per household; US only
  • Winner receives two (2) tickets, each valued at $57.92

Visit The American Cheese Society website for more information on attending the conference and other exciting events!

american cheese society festival cheese wisconsin win giveaway tickets

  1. Sharon Fochs permalink

    Our favorite is Colby. 2nd is Havarti.

  2. Maria Morris permalink

    Hook’s Aged Cheddar! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  3. Marni permalink

    Aged WI cheddar!

  4. Joanne permalink

    I love cheese curds and colby.

  5. Heather Davis permalink

    I LOVE BRIE! Cheddar is great too! Can I have a side of cheese with my cheese please! Cheese, it’s what’s for dinner!

  6. Noreen permalink

    Green County Feta!

  7. Sue permalink

    Wisconsin sharp cheddar!

  8. Shannon permalink

    Any kind of “squeeky” curd!

  9. Jody permalink

    Colby Jack is my favorite Wisconsin Cheese!

  10. Laura Stechschulte permalink

    Lately, colby caliente. But, lord have mercy, sometimes I just CRAVE a good squeaky cheese curd.

  11. JILL LE ROUX permalink

    WI Sharp Cheddar

  12. Jeanette Mercado Bultman permalink

    10 year old sharp cheddar!!!! SO GOOD!!!!

  13. David Miech permalink

    easy! 3-way tie for first place!!!

    WI Aged Sharp Cheddar
    WI Cheese Curds
    WI Gouda

    honorable mention: Gorgonzola, believe it or not! had the best ever aged Gorgonzola in WI!!!

  14. I Love Wisconsin Cheddar, and the Cheddar Cheese Curds!

  15. Beverly Klein permalink

    I’ve been a fan of Shullsburg Cheese for over 30 years. If I have to pick favorites, it would be their baby swiss and colby.

  16. William permalink

    Roth Kase Gran Queso, of course 2+ yr aged Cheddar and Emmentaler are right up there!

  17. MARY ANN LONGRIE permalink


  18. Carole Dessart permalink

    Fresh WI cheese curds. They’re the best.

  19. Carrie Klicko permalink

    Im going to have to say Blue and Swiss cheese are my favorites.

  20. Kristin permalink

    I love Satori’s Balsalmic Bellavitano. So delicious!

  21. susan gottschalk permalink

    Hope I win. I love Marieke Fenugreek Gouda-made in Thorp, WI

  22. I love all kinds of cheeses but, raw milk farmstead, artisan cheeses are my favorite the kind you get at farmers markets and small scale dairy’s. Yummy!

  23. Karen permalink

    extra sharp aged cheddar

  24. Audra permalink

    There is nothing better than blue cheese! But I don’t think I’ve met a Wisconsin Cheese I didn’t like :)

  25. Michelle permalink

    Sartori Savecchio!

  26. Sarah Neville permalink

    3 year aged sharped cheddar!

  27. Jason Tishler permalink

    Smoked Cheddar!

  28. Renard’s Medium Cheddar from Sturgeon Bay is the best I have ever had and I am lucky enough to live close to the source so I am never without my medium cheddar.

  29. Becky Weber Johnson permalink

    Bellavitano reserves…every flavor!! and Limburger, really it’s great!

  30. Karen Ortiz permalink

    I love a good Wisconsin Blue however I also love curds and port wine cheesespread. There are very few cheeses I don’t like!

  31. Natalie Free permalink

    Cheese curds!

  32. Cherrie Hill permalink

    Long may limburger rein !!!!

  33. I’m thinking Dunbarton Blue at the moment.

  34. Sarah permalink

    Fresh squeaky cheese curds!

  35. Shayna Proctor permalink

    How does one choose a favorite Wisconsin cheese? It’s so difficult. Cheese is my favorite food. I love fresh cheddar cheese curds, warm and extra squeaky.

  36. Eric Peterson permalink

    I love a nice aged cheddar.

  37. Wisconsin Swiss

  38. Chris permalink

    Some of my earliest memories are of going up to Theresa and visiting Widmar’s. They used to give samples and I’d need for more. Widmar’s Caraway is my ultimate favorite!

  39. Diahann Lohr permalink

    So many to choose from. But these days it’s Crave Brother’s Mascarpone! So very good!

  40. Tanet permalink

    Dill flavored cheese curds are my favorite!

  41. Jason permalink

    Love em all

  42. Jason permalink

    Love them all but two favorites are aged chedder and swiss

  43. Marilyn permalink

    There is nothing better than a 9 year Sharp Cheddar! Pairing it with some good Wisconsin Beer….. PRICELESS!!!!

  44. christine permalink

    My favorite would be sharp cheddar.

  45. Sue Brandes permalink

    Aged WI cheddar cheese.

  46. Johrdyn Lorden permalink

    Fresh WI cheese curds. They’re the best.

  47. I love the alpine cheese from Saxon Creamery. Nutty and with a great taste – pairs well with eggs and tuna and just delicious as sliced cheese, too

    My 2nd favorite would be a Montamore cheese by Sartori foods. Sorty of crumbly and fruity – I like crumbling it over a salad or warm orange flavored rice.

  48. Betty Holt permalink

    White cheddar and white cheddar curds added to my homemade mac n cheese.

  49. Selena permalink

    Marieke Gouda

  50. Amanda Fischer permalink

    Smoked Havarti! Its heaven in a little slice!

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